User Interface Design

WestJet Pre-Flight Companion App

Simple Mockup Free Scene.png

Goal: Develop a digital solution in order to aid WestJet in further connecting with and better serving nervous flyers.

Strategy: As part of a Community Service Learning Project partnership with the WestJet Digital Team, I developed a high-fidelity prototype of a mobile application that provides users with assistance and companionship through the various stress points that can occur from the moment they receive their check-in email to the moment they reach their gate. The WestJet Pre-Flight Companion App features integration with airport scanning and provides the user with up-to-date information on flight status, security wait times, and traffic conditions. As well, the app is able to aid the user with navigation through the airport, creating packing lists, and connecting to customer service agents in real time through a chat feature. I worked with two other students to develop a comprehensive implementation and evaluation guide to accompany the concept. This project utilized skills in user interface design, instructional design, and high-fidelity prototyping.